How to remove the roadblocks that hinder money from coming in

The way we deal with money isn’t about our financial situation, and it is how we think about it and what it does to our emotions. If we get rid of the negative thoughts, we will remove those blocks that hinder money from coming in. When we have good feelings, good things happen, and we can view our financial situation from a practical standpoint.

Manage your credit card expenses

Some emotions come about because of money. Embarrassment is one of them, like when a credit card is not able to complete a payment transaction because it was denied. When the error message appears, the reaction might be of shame to be covered up by anger.

Many think that money is all about how much we have, but it is really about the connection to our emotions. No one is totally exempt from having an emotional attachment to money. If you earn enough for living expenses, it is ok. If what you make barely is enough, there might be the struggle, but there is the capacity to get by. Those unexpected bills do make our financial situations take a dive. We can suffer from economic devastation when we lose our jobs, get divorced, or have medical concerns. If you have savings, medical insurance, or a credit line, when that unexpected expense happens, the preparedness can tide you over.

Be prepared

If you always worry about your finances or think that you are not prepared for eventualities, it is possible to look back and know that if you had made it before and survived, you can do so again. At that point in time when there was an urgent need for money, you might have borrowed by making a credit card loan to enough to tide you over, or did something else like selling things even at a loss, and was able to survive.

If you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about money or keep on checking the bills that have to be paid, then what you are feeling is financial insecurity. It is possible to get that feeling under control as it can make you go crazy as the money on hand is continuously being checked. This kind of anxiety about paying bills and continually worrying about the financial situation affects those around you. The fear of not having enough money makes you anxious, and when making a large payment transaction, it can trigger a panic attack.

Stop being emotional about money

It might be time to speak to a therapist or get a financial advisor. It is also a good idea to stop putting the fear of the finances on the family as it can have adverse effects. It is good, to be honest about financial situations, but it should not be emotional.

Take on the challenge of looking at money from a practical standpoint. Take a look at your assets, obligations, debts, and do what is best for your financial situation. You might have to settle an unpaid bill by making a payment transaction. Take care of that first and budget to get rid of the cause of anxiousness. It might be difficult to be dispassionate about your finances, but it solves the issue.