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European Cultural Community

ACTE’s object is to build a European Cultural Community, based on the principles of cooperation, equity, cultural innovation and reinvesting in youth and the social fabric of local communities.

ACTE is using an electronic platform, which will link all stakeholders and provide for exchange of products, services and information on both a local and international level. It will give the ACTE community privileged access to cultural and commercial exchanges on international markets. Where?

European Wine Community

We have started building our community along and around the wine or vine routes that are traced across the European continent. We begin here because vine routes are prolific and are the seat of some of the most important European culture. Vine/Wine routes link communities across political frontiers in a common cultural history, a common passion, rich traditions, and a strong cultural identity. The independent Wine Community Portal helps us achieve this goal.

Vine routes constitute a common European cultural heritage and are a worthy place to begin to build ‘European community’ around. Who will be involved?

Who’s Community?

ACTE is building the European cultural/wine community with you. Anyone who wants to engage in creating an international project, based on the value of community, can get involved. All individuals, local communities, wine makers, cultural institutions, tourism operators, service providers, cultural actor’s, research institutes, and any other interested party can register, log in and begin building the community.

How can you engage?

Become a member of ACTE.

Who We Are

ACTE is an international non-governmental organisation, working alongside and inside Council of Europe cultural and tourism projects. It was set up to create direct access for individuals, local communities associations and SME’s, to participate in these same international projects, either as partners or as participant owners.

How does ACTE Work?

In cooperation with the Council of Europe (CoE) and other national and international organisations, it develops resources, which will enable local communities to conceive, implement and manage their own cross-frontier projects in the field of culture and tourism.

ACTE also provides a platform for individuals to create their own international projects, based on ACTE principles: peer-to-peer cultural cooperation, sustainable local development and equity in cultural exchanges.

As a member of ACTE and committed to its principles, you can help build the community. The ACTE is its membership. It is linked across regions, across sectors, across frontiers and across cultures in a common desire to build a cooperative cultural economy, which benefits all and enables all to benefit.

For more information go to: "About us" or "Origins" or "The Wine Culture Tourism Exchange" documents in the ACTE Documents section of the library.

Supporting Council of Europe projects

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