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Музей бургундского вина Бон

11 марта 2015

Выставка, посвященная разнообразию сортов винограда в Бургундии пройдет с 4 марта по 18 мая 2015 года в Музее вина Бургундии г. Бон.В рамках этой выставки состоится Конференция во вторник, 14 Апрель 2015, в 20-00, в школе вина в г.Бон: Виноград и простые традиционные лозы Бургундии Жана-Клода Рато. Read more ...

Microsoft Event Celebrating New Partnerships: Technology, Heritage, Culture

13 May 2014

“Microsoft Event Celebrating New Partnerships: Technology, Heritage, Culture” will be organised on the 15th of May in Brussels, Belgium in the newly opened Microsoft Innovation Centre. We will be a celebrating two innovative cultural and tourism portals that have been created using Microsoft Bing Maps technology. Read more ...

Vivanco “Sharing Wine Culture”

06 February 2014

Vivanco’s 10th anniversary is the occasion for a “rebirth” of its image. It has cultivated a new “look” to reflect the Vivanco passion for sharing wine culture and the enduring values of four generations of viticulture in the Vivanco family: generosity, involvement, caring and culture. Read more ...

Vivanco - International Contest of Engraving and Wine

27 January 2014

For the seventh consecutive year, the Foundation Vivanco in collaboration with the School of Design of La Rioja (ESDIR), held the International Prize of Engraving and Wine Foundation Vivanco. Read more ...

ACTE/Microsoft/Council of Europe/European Commission Event

14 December 2013

Microsoft Corporation, in collaboration with the European Heritage Days (Council of Europe and European Commission Joint Programme) and ACTE held a joint “Event” on the 14 December 2013, Briones, Spain, was generously hosted by the Dinastía Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture. Read more ...

Wine Routes – Creative Tourism - Capacity Building

13 December 2013

On 13 December 2013, ACTE carried out a capacity building training in La Rioja, Spain, aimed at developing new skills and knowledge for people working along wine routes. The Training, which was supported by the Council of Europe and undertaken in cooperation with the Region of La Rioja and the Microsoft Corporation, opened the door to discussions with those bodies with respect to collaborating on a full capacity building programme in the Region, which could begin to be implemented as early as the autumn of 2014. Read more ...

Shabo hosts great winemakers

Saturday, 08 June 2013

World famous wine cultural institutions: Boisset, Vivanco, Shabo, Aigle, Inkerman, Bordeaux Wine Cultural Centre, etc. were present at the ACTE AGM, held in Shabo, Ukraine to discuss the next stages of their global cooperation through wine culture. Read more ...


Saturday, 08 June 2013

Santiago Vivanco, President of ACTE, was celebrated at the AGM for his role as international ambassador. Travelling throughout Europe and South America he drew attention to the Declaration made by ACTE on wine culture as part of the common heritage of mankind and as worthy of inclusion in the UNESCO catalogue. Read more ...


Saturday, 08 June 2013

The third ACTE AGM took place in the wonderful setting of the Wine Cultural Center Shabo in Odessa region, Ukraine. Santiago VIVANCO, President of ACTE, thanked the family IUKURIDZE, owners of Shabo, for their generosity and their essential role in ACTE: helping to create a dynamic network of wine leaders and wine communities across Europe. Mr Santiago VIVANCO, President of ACTE, opened the meeting, which was being hosted in the wonderful setting of Wine Cultural Center Shabo in Odessa region, Ukraine. Read more ...

Wine Tourism Academy

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A proposal for developing a Wine Tourism Academy will be discussed during a meeting to be held in Burgundy in February 2013. Read more ...

Wine Museum Map

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Following the ACTE meeting held in Burgundy in November 2012, the ACTE bureau has been hard at work developing a Wine Museums Map. This Wine Museums Map will form an integral part of the ACTE website and is currently in the final stages of development. Read more ...

ACTE languages

Tuesday, 19 June 2013

ACTE website is currently being translated into Spanish, French and Russian. The Secretary General thanks all who have worked so arduously, for so little, to achieve this. She welcomes other volunteers who will undertake to translate the site into Greek, Turkish, Ukrainian ... Read more ...

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