ACTE/Microsoft/Council of Europe/European Commission Event

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Microsoft Corporation, in collaboration with the European Heritage Days (Council of Europe and European Commission Joint Programme) and ACTE held a joint “Event” on the 14 December 2013, Briones, Spain, was generously hosted by the Dinastía Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture.

The event celebrated the European Heritage Days Portal, developed to support the European Dimension of Heritage and the ACTE Wine Cultural Community Portal, developed to support the European Dimension of Wine Culture. Click here to see the agenda.

Both portals focus on promoting European collaboration around culture, heritage, wine culture and tourism. Both use Microsoft Bing Maps Through dynamic and interactive features of Bing Maps, the map becomes a community meeting place where we are invited to engage with a new geography of Europe and participate in building a shared European Dimension of wine culture and heritage. For the first time, Europeans are given access as individuals, groups and organisations to reconstruct the meaning of heritage and to participate in creating a cultural dimension of wine heritage.

The event brought together high-ranking personalities in the sectors of technology, Heritage/ culture, tourism and wine around an agenda, which focused discussion on new types of partnership between these sectors. Click here to see the participant list.

Of particular importance were the exchanges on the subject of “ a new partnership between technology and the creative sector” There is a perceived need to replace the existing from of competition with a model of cooperation. The two portals are an interesting and potentially valuable environment to experiment with new types of cooperation. Invitations were made on the part of Microsoft technology and innovation centre officers to work in cooperation alongside the portals to assist their technical development. Leading figures in the world of tourism indicated that the portals provided and ideal platform for cooperation with the travel sector.

The President of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz Alonso – President of La Rioja indicated his pleasure that his Region had been host to such an innovative event, one that had the potential to change the rules of the game with respect to technology and heritage, culture and creative enterprise. The President of ACTE, Santiago Vivanco, expressed his gratitude to all participants especially the Secretariat of the European Heritage Days, which represented both the Council of Europe and the European Commission. Santiago stated that should the event give rise to a cooperation agreement between the Portals and Microsoft which truly leads to a better relationship between culture and technology, he hoped that it would be named the “Rioja Accord”.

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