Saturday, 08 June 2013

Santiago Vivanco, President of ACTE, was celebrated at the AGM for his role as international ambassador. Travelling throughout Europe and South America he drew attention to the Declaration made by ACTE on wine culture as part of the common heritage of mankind and as worthy of inclusion in the UNESCO catalogue.


In 2012 the Steering Committee of ACTE recalled that one of the objectives of ACTE is to promote and defend the importance of the culture and tradition of vine and wine as an essential component of the history and universal heritage of mankind, and instructed Santiago Vivanco to draw up a statement of support for the UNESCO Convention. This statement has been circulated and publicised and ACTE has gained considerable public renown because of the strong support given by Santiago. At the 3rd AGM, held at Shabo in Odessa, Ukraine, Santiago Vivanco, President of ACTE, presented the achievements made during his trip in South America on this and other issues.

Since early May, Santiago held several meetings in Chile and Argentina with viticulture authorities in both countries. A very important meeting was held with Ms Claudia QUINI, President of the OIV who was very impressed by the work that ACTE is carrying on and she is willing to make the commitment of closer collaboration with ACTE in the future. Claudia Quini, pledged to collaborate on the project with the purpose to promote and support ACTE initiative that wine culture is declared by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. One of the successes of ACTE is that the House of Representatives has unanimously backed the proposed declaration that wine culture should be part of a UNESCO list of Intangible Heritage. ACTE is on its way to get the official support from the European Parliament, which will be added to the support it already has from the Spanish Parliament.

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