Georgian wine sector is looking forward to become part of European wine community

Friday, 02 January 2015

After various meetings and presentation of ACTE wine community Portal in Georgia, Gorgian wine producers have become extremely interested on joining ACTE wine community and are currently anticipating the construction of a National Georgian Wine museum. For more info click here. One of best wine holdings in Kahetia, wine region of Georgia. It's wine Kindzmarauli is known all over the world.

The flags on the main building show the trade partners of the holding. It is a sort of tourist cluster-they have winery,tasting hall,hotel (Kvareli on the photo) and small museum with Quevry -autherntic ancient tanks for wine which are still widely used in Georgia -you can see old ones in a mountain monastery not far from Kvareli-wine capital of Georgia. At this wine holding they also have small bakery where is authentically produced local bred'lavash"and each tourist can try and do it himself.

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