ACTE - The Association for Culture and Tourism Exchange


ACTE is an international NGO that promotes cooperation and equitable exchange. Its object is to provide the tools, capacities and resources that will enable individuals, local communities, associations and SME’s to get access to international markets on their own terms.

ACTE Tools and Resources


In cooperation with the Council of Europe and other national and international organisations, ACTE provides tools and resources that enable local communities to implement and manage their own cross-frontier projects in the field of culture and tourism.



ACTE developed its model working with communities along wine cultural routes.

Vine or wine routes trace a dense network of interconnecting trails, across a large part of the Continent. These routes plot the development of European civilization: places of worship, heritage, learning, cultural and commercial exchange have, for thousands of years, been linked to the agricultural exploitation of the vine. Most importantly, cultural communities along these routes are the human vectors of wine history. They carry it with them, creating and recreating it with each new generation. They are ideal cultural tourism destinations.

The Council of Europe, “Wine culture tourism exchange” Project sought to give a European dimension to this shared history of wine communities. The idea was to help local communities along wine routes develop their own locality as a destination of sustainable local cultural tourism within a broad European wine-route destination. Working cooperatively, with a shared cultural identity, the community could bring profits back to the local level to be re-invested in cultural, social and educational projects. The Council of Europe designed a pilot project supported by many interested partner countries, but it needed private partners to implement it. ACTE was set up to enable this.

Not Only Wine Routes – All Cultural Communities


ACTE is focusing on Wine, Culture Communites, but it will replicate the Wine community model and progressively support other communities in creating international projects and exchange, based on the principles of cooperation and equity.

ACTE Resources

Exchange Platforms

ACTE is building a community portal network, which will link all stakeholders and provide an electronic platform for exchange of products, services and information on both a local and international level. Through this platform, members of ACTE will gain privileged access to cultural and commercial exchanges on international markets. They will use revenues developed through this exchange to re-invest in local employment and development.

Wine Community Map

ACTE is promoting a European Wine Community Map, which sets out the wine routes that criss-cross the European region. It is focused on wine route communities and engages them in identifying, mapping and developing their wine routes as part of a larger European wine route community. In order to develop itself as a ‘destination’ a community needs to identify and discover and make known its resources. This map will be a primary resource for local communities wishing to engage in creative tourism partnerships.

ACTE Wine Museum Map

ACTE members who own or manage Wine Museums or Cultural Centres have developed a Wine Museum Portal. This Portal will promote wine culture, its members and their institutions and will have a global reach.


ACTE has a database of partners who desire to share information, collaborate and build joint projects. As a member of ACTE you may post projects and invite partners to support/join your initiative.

ACTE Programmes

Training of Trainers

ACTE supports capacity building training of trainer programmes designed to empower local communities to develop and manage a sustainable tourism offer.

Cultural Mapping

When a local community develops a destination identity, it must begin to identify and map the cultural resources that belong to it. ACTE will support cultural mapping by local communities and help in the international promotion of the cultural assets and commercial services associated with them.

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