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Microsoft Event

The Wine Community Portal and the European Heritage Days Portal will be featured in a Microsoft Event due to take place on 15 May 2014 in the new Microsoft Centre, Brussels, Belgium.

ACTE Annual General Meeting

The ACTE AGM is being generously hosted in partnership with the Cité des civilisations du vin, Bordeaux on the 22-23 May 2014.

New ACTE Sponsor

It is with great pleasure and sincere gratitude that ACTE welcomes Mr Alexander Blokhin, for the Company Shustov to the Association as Associate member and Key Sponsor.

ACTE - The Association for Culture and Tourism Exchange

ACTE is an international NGO that promotes cooperation and equitable exchange. Its object is to provide the tools, capacities and resources that will enable individuals, local communities, associations and SME’s to get access to international markets on their own terms.

ACTE Tools and Resources

In cooperation with the Council of Europe and other national and international organisations, ACTE provides tools and resources that enable local communities to implement and manage their own cross-frontier projects in the field of culture and tourism.


ACTE developed its model working with communities along wine cultural routes. Vine or wine routes trace a dense network of interconnecting trails, across a large part of the Continent. These routes plot the development of European civilization: places of worship, heritage, learning, cultural and commercial exchange have, for thousands of years, been linked to the agricultural exploitation of the vine.


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